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At Goodwood, we prioritize you.



What makes Goodwood different and stand out from the rest.

Our goal is to bring the most value we can to our clients, we try to give our clients what other 3D wall panels or wood cladding manufacturers and suppliers in Indonesia can't. From better detailed order progression & container forecasting spreadsheets, better communication with faster replies and finally with an eye for precision we can deliver an exceptional standard of quality which in the eyes of many furniture wholesalers and furniture suppliers around the world would be described as rare.

In 25 years we have grown to becoming one of the most admired furniture manufacturing company and furniture supplier. From faxing pictures taken from the side of the road, to having Goodwood manufactured furniture on the cover of on the most prestigious furniture and interior design magazines in the industry. We look forward to accompanying you with us, on the journey of our next 25 years.

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At Goodwood, we prioritize you.

Furniture manufacturers and furniture suppliers have busy operations with a high intensity of day-to-day activities, we're always busy as they're always something to do. At Goodwood, we prioritize you. We don't like snoozing, any emails or messages we receive, we guarantee an instant reply as soon as possible.

Unlike many furniture manufacturers in Indonesia or furniture suppliers in Indonesia, at Goodwood you speak and consult directly with the managing director and our head of operations, no sales associate or marketing manager, which is uncommon but comfortable.  



Perfection is non-negotiable.


"Perfection is non-negotiable", is something we often hear coming out of a production meeting held by our head of operations, Brice. Every day we invest to moulding our team and leading ourselves to becoming the best furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, to bring true value to the end consumer. 

The faces of our production team consist of manufacturing & construction QCs, final QCs and finally a head of production. First thing every morning we hold a meeting discussing container scheduling, quality and operations. This ensures us everything is rolling smoothly and on time.

Goodwood has 6 departments in our production process, nothing moves to the next department without being signed off and fully QC'd by the head of that department. This ensures we catch any faults early without hampering on lead time. With a total of 6 departments and QC checks at every stage, as well as the primary stage of checking in construction, secondary repair check and ultimately followed through our very strong team of final QCs, we have 9 quality control checks before anything goes in the container this is unparalleled to any manufacturer and what's makes us significantly higher in quality.


The team of quality controls with our production manager is truly an unmatched dynamic. With a return rate of 0,28% in 2019 we clearly stand as one of the leading B2B manufacturing organizations for quality levels of competing suppliers and leading our way to becoming the best 3D wooden wall and wood cladding manufacturer in the world, a vision we share collectively at Goodwood.

the best furniture supplier in indonesia

HALL A-076

Every year Goodwood participates in Indonesia's well known furniture trade show, IFEX. We will always be showcasing a minimum of two new collections as well as a mix of our more established collections. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.





PT. Goodwood Interior

Desa Bawu Dolongan RT.01 RW.02

Batealit, 59461 Jepara


Tel:  +62 29 142 981 77

WhatsApp: +62 822 435 758 28  *Instant reply


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