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Goodwood was founded in the mid nineties by Joost van der Post

Goodwood was founded in the mid nineties by Joost van der Post, who flew over to Jepara after overhearing a conversation about furniture opportunities in the east—on an airplane. With nothing but a camera and a fax machine Joost began his furniture empire, taking pictures of furniture on the side of the road during the day and faxing the images around the world in the evening.


The demand was real, orders were coming and containers were shipped. Whilst Joost handled production and logistics, his wife Jamy handled all finances and administration. Being one of the first expats in Jepara, as a couple, they ruled the local furniture export industry and together built the company which stands today as Goodwood Interiors.

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In the spring of 2015 in Singapore, Joost spoke his last words and passed away in Mt. Elizabeth Hospital. He left this world tragically, after suffering a long year and an unforgiving battle with cancer. He will always be remembered by many as a great man who did a lot for the community and as a family man who always cherished the good moments in life. Today he is still remembered in his native country of the Netherlands as an avid yachtsman, as well as a competitive sailor and as the author of several books on the history of wooden boat-building. 

"As a shipwright I had worked with Teak wood for many years myself so I immediately recognized the exceptional skills of the carpenters in Jepara. I made it my goal to fuse western management with eastern craftsmanship. That is what Goodwood is all about.”


  Joost van der Post, 2010

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Walking into the factory is like walking into a family.

Today Goodwood employs over a hundred of professionally trained workers. As of 2019 our factory currently exports an average of around 60 containers annually to top designer furniture brands around the US, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world. 


The Goodwood team today is a fresh group of driven individuals with an extreme passion and dedication to the Goodwood brand. The culture in Goodwood is special, and it’s truly what makes us who we are and separates us from the rest.


"Walking into the Goodwood factory is like walking into a family," mentioned a client and good friend of us. 


In 25 years we have grown to becoming one of the most admired furniture manufacturing company and furniture supplier. From faxing pictures taken from the side of the road, to having Goodwood manufactured furniture on the cover of on the most prestigious furniture and interior design magazines in the industry. We look forward to accompanying you with us, on the journey of our next 25 years.

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To inspire the end consumer, and bring back the awe in furniture design & craftsmanship

The vision we share as a team in Goodwood, is collectively what creates an unmatched dynamic of passion and perseverance. Over the years we have seen our furniture get recognized and praised by increasingly famous designers as well as acquired by respected well known hotels. As a team in Goodwood; this in essence is what fuels our passion. Our job isn't over when the doors of the container shut––it just begins. We set it for ourselves to inspire the end consumer, and bring true awe in furniture design and craftsmanship. Not with mediocrity, but with excellence.

 Jamy van der Post - Tafinine

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PT. Goodwood Interior

Desa Bawu Dolongan RT.01 RW.02

Batealit, 59461 Jepara


Tel:  +62 29 142 981 77

WhatsApp: +62 822 435 758 28  *Instant reply


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