High quality furniture with an exceptional standard of customer service.

The mission statement we so proudly hold at Goodwood is to provide our clients high quality products with an exceptional standard of customer service and communication. We put a big emphasis on the relationship we have with our clients and we truly strive for longevity. We are proudly; cabinet makers with distinction.

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Intrinsic overview of Goodwood


With a workforce of up to 150 on the production floor, each focuses on perfecting the piece in hand. What truly sets us apart is our attention to detail. Our yearly output is between 70-90 40ft HC containers with an approximate lead time of between 10-12 weeks. 


Goodwood is managed and operated by our chief operational officer, Brice. Brice handles the high tier clients as well as overlooks the day to day operations from production to administration. Brice is half French half Dutch, born and raised in Indonesia with a British education. With Indonesian being his first language and leadership being a natural role for him, Brice manages the different teams admirably. 


As international furniture wholesalers and manufacturers we have a vast global distribution range with a predominant position in Oceania and the United States. 

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Design exclusivity of collections is part of what divides up the retail world, and therefore for many clients we arrange a nationwide exclusivity agreement. We are always open to such discussions and are always heavily invested in what is best for our clients. 

  • Professional ebook PDF catalog with high quality studio images of our product range and all our collections. 

  • Exclusive collections from Goodwood and top retailers.

*Due to high demand and the sensitivity of the information, we are quite selective with who we send data too. Kindly write a detailed comment.

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HALL A-076

Every year Goodwood participates in Indonesia's well known furniture trade show, IFEX. We will always be showcasing a minimum of two new collections as well as a mix of our more established collections. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.



At Goodwood, we prioritize you.

Furniture manufacturers and furniture suppliers have busy operations with a high intensity of day-to-day activities, we're always busy as they're always something to do. At Goodwood, we prioritize you. We don't like snoozing, any emails or messages we receive, we guarantee an instant reply as soon as possible.

Unlike many furniture manufacturers in Indonesia or furniture suppliers in Indonesia, at Goodwood you speak and consult directly with the managing director and our head of operations, no sales associate or marketing manager, which is uncommon but comfortable.  


PT. Goodwood Interiors

Desa Bawu Dolongan RT.01 RW.02

Batealit, 59461 Jepara


Tel:  +62 29 142 981 77

WhatsApp: +62 822 435 758 28  *Instant reply

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